Key locks with impulse switch or on/off switch

A key lock is a well-known way to manage access. Our key locks have  a half euro cylinder lock (30/10). This can be modified if required. We offer key locks with impulse switch and on/off switch. Both can be surface-mounted or built-in.

Key lock with impulse switch

A key lock with impulse switch sends a one-time signal when the key is turned. When the key is turned, a one-time signal is sent that causes the gate, barrier or door to open.

Dimensions (WxHxD):

  • Surface mounted: 74mm x 74mm x 50mm
  • Recessed: 74mm x 74mm x 50mm

Key lock with on/off switch

With a key lock with on/off switch, you have the option to turn the barrier or gate on or off permanently.

Dimensions (WxHxD):

  • Surface mounted: 69mm x 84mm x 68mm
  • Recessed: 100mm x 125mm x 70mm

Pulse switch - flush-mounted

Impulse switch - surface mounted

On/Off switch - flush-mounted

On/Off switch - surface mounted