Sliding gates: cantilevered or on rail

When the entrance to your home or business site is too wide, or the driveway too short to install a swing gate, a sliding gate is chosen. A sliding gate can easily close wide access roads or driveways. An area the length of the sliding gate has to be available next to the entrance. Depending on the width of the driveway and the type of sliding gate, this can be up to 3m wider than the driveway. 

A sliding gate is mounted on a rail or is cantilevered.

For a sliding gate on rail, a rail is placed in the road surface over which the sliding gate slides. This rail protrudes approximately 1.5cm from the ground.

A cantilevered sliding gate is supported by rollers that are placed on the left or right side of the sliding gate. These rollers guide and keep the cantilevered sliding gate straight during opening and closing. Because there is no rail to carry the gate, extra space must be provided next to the entrance. Depending on the width of the driveway and the type of cantilevered sliding gate, 1m to 3m must be kept free.

All our sliding gates are sandblasted, metallized and finished with a thermoset polyester coating in a RAL color of your choice. Below are some of our finished sliding gates. All these sliding gates can be customized to fit your driveway.

Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us. We design, manufacture and install a sliding gate to your specifications.