Receivers with out without memory

A receiver is an ideal solution to operate your gate, barrier or speedgate remotely with a transmitter.

TO.GO RX 2/4 channel receiver

Compact 2/4 channel receiver with low power consumption in idle mode. The receiving range of the receiver is 30m. With the addition of an antenna, the range becomes 100m. The receiver picks up 433.92 Mhz signals. By default, the receiver has a capacity for 512 transmitters.

Receiver with memory

A receiver with place memory keeps a numerical database of all assigned transmitters. This has the advantage that individual transmitters can be easily removed. This receiver with place memory receives 433 Mhz signals and is compatible with all Rolling Code transmitters. The receiver with place memory has a capacity for 1000 transmitters.

Managing the transmitters is done using the display and 3 buttons on the receiver. Via the receiver:

  • Add a transmitter to the database.
  • Switch a transmitter on or off
  • Changes the function of a button
  • Removes a transmitter from the memory

(For a receiver without place memory, all transmitters must be recalled and reconnected so that the stolen or lost transmitter will no longer have access).

IRI.TX4VA 4-channel transmitter

The IRI.TX4V4 is compatible with both receivers.

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