MCS51: automatic boom barrier for barrier arms of up to 10m20

The MCS58 automatic boom barrier has a range of 2m to 10m20. This automatic boom barrier has an opening speed of 2.7 to 8.5 sec. The barrier arm of the automatic barrier can be placed on the left, right or centrally. When adding a bottom skirt or top and bottom skirt, it is only possible to mount the barrier arm on the left or right. It also limits the range of the automatic barrier.

  • With bottom skirt: 7050mm max.
  • With top and bottom skirt: 6000mm max.

The MCS58 is suitable for very intensive traffic: staff parking, parking lot, pay parking, ...

The MCS58 automatic boom barrier is also available in a Heavy Duty version. The Heavy Duty range is designed for use in harsh environments under extreme weather conditions. This makes them ideal for areas with strong winds or sudden gusts of wind, heavy snowfall or frost on the barrier arm.