MCS61: automatic boom barrier for barrier arms of up to 15m

The MCS61 automatic boom barrier has an opening speed of 4 sec to 10.5 sec. The length of the barrier arm is maximum 15m. This automatic barrier has 2 types of barrier arm.

  • Oval barrier arm: up to 9600mm (with bottom skirt 8300mm).
  • Round barrier arm: 9700mm to 15000mm (with tension cables, no bottom skirt possible).

The MCS61 boom barrier casing is made of 3mm thick steel plates. The cabinet of the automatic barrier has additional internal reinforcements up to 15mm. The MCS61 is a robust boom barrier for port areas, industrial areas, and highways.

The MCS61 automatic boom barrier is also available as a Heavy Duty version. The Heavy Duty range is designed for use in harsh environments under extreme weather conditions. This makes them ideal for areas with strong winds or sudden gusts of wind, heavy snowfall or frost on the barrier arm.