Company details:

Bormet bvba
Ambachtsstraat 1137, 3850 Nieuwerkerken
Tel: +32 11 31 26 56
Fax: +32 11 31 65 66

Article 1: Quotations
Our prices are always without firm commitment, unless agreed otherwise. Each sale is only final following our written confirmation. As soon as an order is accepted by us, it becomes subject to the following sales terms & conditions, regardless of the purchaser’s terms & conditions.

Article 2: Delivery schedules
The agreed delivery schedule or implementation period for the works will be honoured where possible. However, it shall always be subject to alteration and subject to unforeseen circumstances of whatever nature. The customer has no right whatsoever to compensation if the delivery schedules or implementation periods do not correspond with the offer. Cancellation of an order by the customer is possible within eight days of the accepted order. After this period, the contract is final and enforceable. Cancellation by the seller is possible at all times and the customer is not entitled to compensation under any circumstances.

Article 3: Prices
Prices are calculated on the cost price of raw materials and salaries at the time of the quotation or sale. We reserve the right to amend these prices in the event of an increase of these factors during the implementation of the contract. Our prices may also be adjusted if the client requests a postponement or splitting of the implementation of the works.

Article 4: Invoices and payments
Any complaints must be submitted in writing, stating reasons, within eight days of delivery and/or installation, by registered letter addressed to the registered office of our company. Complaints relating to the content of an invoice must be submitted in the same way, within eight days of receipt. In the event that a complaint is declared to be justified, our company is only obliged to replace or repair the material supplied and the purchaser may not, under any circumstances, claim compensation.  Invoices are payable in cash to the address of the company, without discount and on receipt of the invoice, unless agreed otherwise in writing. The acceptance of exchanges does not invalidate this provision. Late payment incurs statutory interest equivalent to the statutory interest rate applicable at that time, plus 2% points, calculated from the due date, without prior notice of default. In the event of non-payment of the entire invoice or part of the invoice, eight days after the date of a registered reminder letter, the seller shall be awarded a one-off sum equivalent to 10% of the invoice sum, as compensation for the extra costs incurred, subject to a minimum sum of 40 euros, notwithstanding the aforementioned interest. It is clearly agreed that this clause is not an application of article 1023 of the Judicial Code, but article 1226 of the Civil Code.

Article 5: Guarantees
The goods supplied are guaranteed for two years against material and manufacturing defects. The guarantee covers the free replacement or repair of the defects and the cost of labour, together with transport costs. The latter applies only if the installation was carried out by us and is restricted to within a radius of 100km of our registered office. Damage caused by external forces (lightning, fire, storm, third parties etc...) or abnormal use is not covered by this guarantee. The seller is in no way liable for any damage caused by the merchandise. In the case of an extension to an existing installation, the guarantee only covers the new materials.

Article 6: Disputes
In the event of any dispute, the courts of the district of Hasselt, Tongeren or Kortrijk have sole jurisdiction, at the discretion of the seller.

Article 7: Exceptional general provisions
- Additional masonry work, plastering etc., together with the repair of same, are not included in the order and/or implementation of the goods.
- The issue of exchanges may not be considered as a deviation from these general sales terms & conditions.
- A customer may not cite a dispute with us as a reason to justify non-payment of his invoices.
- The goods remain the property of the seller until full payment is received.
- No technical plans, procedures, manuals etc. may be transferred under any circumstances, neither in original or copy format or in any other format whatsoever, not even for the customer’s sole use and may not be transferred to a third party, subject to a penalty clause for an amount of compensation to be determined for each infringement.
- Foundation works: unless stated explicitly otherwise, the aforementioned sum applies to the installation of 
  foundations in an obstacle-free substrate.
- It is the responsibility of the client to inform us of any concealed cables and pipework. In the event of failure to do so, we deny all responsibility.
- Unless stated explicitly otherwise, our supplies and installations always involve construction equipment.
- Unless stated explicitly otherwise, the wiring supplied by use will be used in the construction.
 - In the event that, upon commencement of the installation, works due to be carried out by third parties are incomplete, or have only been partially or poorly completed, these may be carried out by our technicians, without additional consent and at the applicable unit prices.
- Any additional transport will be charged directly.
- Furthermore, the agreed implementation term is no longer binding and an amended implementation period will be notified.
- In the event of abnormal operation, that may involve the risk of accidents, the client must decommission the installation and immediately notify bvba Bormet of this in writing.